DENİZ Building Materials and Metal Industry, Trade, Inc

We are a building company in Turkey. We export all kind of plaster, plasterboards, profile for ceiling and walls and the other accessories of plasterboard (drywall screwes, joint tape e.t.c.)

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Mr. Cengiz DENİZ

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Gsm +90 0536 216 27 52

Tel +90 0212 221 72 30

Fax +90 0212 210 07 68

M. Akif Ersoy Mah. Behzat Budak Sok. No:24 Örnektepe Kağıthane 34400 İstanbul Turkey

Some of  the our productes for exporting
Plasterboard Normal (Code No:AL101)   Galvanized Hanger
Plasterboard Water Resist (Code No:AL102)   Anchor Type Hanger With Spring (Code No: AC401)
Plasterboard Fire Resist (Code No:AL103)   Clips (Code No: AC402)
Gypsum Hand ad Machine Plaster (Code No: TA201)   Screw For Plasterboard (Code No:AC403)
Satın Fınıshıng Plaster (Code No: TA202)   Joint Tape (Code No:AC404)
Cornice Plaster (Code No: TA203)   Joint Gips (Code No:TA204)
Rectangular and Square Profille (Code No:P1)   Adhesive Plaster for Plasterboard (Code No:TA205)
U Galvanized Profille For Ceiling (Code No: GP301)   Plastic and Steel Dowel (Code No:AC405)
C Galvanized Profille For Ceiling (Code No: GP302)   Isolotaion productes (Code No:AC406)
U Galvanized Profille For Walls (Code No: GP303)   Fiberglass Mesh
(Code No:FM501)
C Galvanized Profille For Walls (Code No: GP304)   Sisal Fiber(Code No:SF601)
Perforated Angel Profile 90° -- 135° (Code No: GP305)